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  1. I recently reinstalled my entire operating system, fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise Edition. Everything was going smoothly, until I tried resarting after installing updates once I had installed Nod32 AV. Upon boot, I would get to the Windows 7 "Welcome" screen, and it would hang there. No amount of time would let it boot into the desktop environment. I booted into safemode, and disabled the ESET service. Now when I booted into normal mode, Windows would get past the "Welcome" screen and get into the desktop environment. There obviously seems to be a clash with Windows 7 and ESET, but I do not want to move to another A/V. Reading this: hxxp://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/eset-causes-desktop-to-not-load.343426/ leads me to believe I have to disable HIPS and uncheck self-defense. Surely this cannot be the only solution? Is there no way to get Nod32 fully working on W7 64bit? Or did I mess up something somewhere?
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