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  1. Eset is one of the best AV products, but no AV product can protect against nonreplicating malware which has never been seen before. Much of today's malware falls into that category, often being spread by way of spoofing users into installing fake 'updates.' The flood of updates is in turn mainly created by the security issues with C and SQL. And, to a lesser extent, by Javascript XSS issues. You might find this applet helpful in preventing spoof attacks. It basically stops executables from being launched in typical browser download folders, and unlike UAE, it can't be absentmindedly O
  2. The whole Web seems like it's disintegrating, securitywise. Heartbleed Ebay Avast Office Gameover Zeus Eset Of course we don't know the full lowdown on most of these yet, but we do know that Heartbleed is a buffer over-read, basically a C programming language weakness, and Gameover Zeus is basically propagated by user spoofing. It's my guess that most of the others were either SQL code injections (highly likely) or Javascript XSS. It strikes me that there is a need for a drastic overhaul of the whole software coding scene; If Windows XP is frowned on as insecure, then so should be SQL,
  3. Found this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/653-jssecuritydisableragen-potentially-unwanted-application/
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