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  1. The in boxes are very large (several thousand emails) and there are 2 one POP and one IMAP I let it run for many hours but it must be too much to process. I will try to make them smaller but will disable the plugin for now. Thanks for your help.
  2. I went to recreate this (enable detection of potentially unwanted applications) and the cpu usage did not rise. After further investigation it appears that the after disabling this and restarting the laptop Outlook had also disabled the Eset plugin (because it slowed Outlook from starting). i.e. two changes happened without me being aware of it. If I re-enable the Outlook plugin cpu usage immediately goes back to 16%. So my problem was not PUA detection but the Outlook plugin. Sorry about the misinformation. Any thoughts on the outlook plugin high cpu usage?
  3. I did not notice any alerts and I have installed and uninstalled Smart Security maybe 6 times in the past week trying to resolve this. All settings were default at this stage.
  4. Thanks Marcos, I found out what the problem was. During my recent installs of v13 I have enabled detection of potentially unwanted applications (thinking that it was a good thing to do) Turns out in my case this causes a sustained 16% CPU usage which I guess may be dependent on the particular applications I have installed. I have proven this to be the problem by manually enabling and disabling the setting to confirm the change in CPU use. With it disabled my idle CPU usage is back at 1%. I am happy to leave this disabled given the negative system impact. If you don't consider this normal behaviour I can still do the logging if you guys (Eset) want to look at what is happening. Regards, Martin
  5. Hi, On one of my laptops the Eset process constantly uses 16% of my CPU (Intel 8750H 16 GByte, 500 GByte Samsung NVMe) at idle. If I temporarily disable firewall and protection this does not change. If I uninstall Eset Smart Security Premium and drop back to Windows Security idle system CPU usage is around 1% In order to track this down i have done a clean install of windows from USB media and re installed the various applications I need for my work. The high CPU usage does not happen on my other laptop or PC but these have much less stuff installed. What would be the best way to figure out what is causing the Eset process to work so hard? Regards, Martin
  6. I have had to remove Internet security from my laptop due to: 1. Issues with Outlook - Office 365 - hangs loading the Eset add-in 2. Windows explorer crashing - this is the worst issue. It stops me from accessing files for long periods of time 3. High CPU usage (16%) which doesn't stop for long periods after start up I am a very long time user and supporter of Eset products so I am sure this will be resolved (It is still working ok on my other PC and laptop) unfortunately however it has completly broken my work laptop. This started within the last week to 2 weeks not sure exactly when. I know Eset will want logs etc. but I just don't have time now.
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