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  1. hi, thank you. I originally just downgraded from 8.0.19 (latest as of this posting) to 8.0.16 as the support site says it's supported. finally downgraded to 5.3.11 and that did the trick. on to the next error! again, thanks!
  2. hi. it started and failed as per usual, in as little as 8 seconds. below is a screenshot of the terminal.
  3. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I am using Virtual Appliance so it's CentOS. I was able to install it by updating the ODBC driver in the initial configuration INI file. I may have updated MySQL or the ODBC drivers through Webmin. However, eramdmcore.service starts when started manually, then fails after one minute. I still haven't figured out where to look for a clue. Thanks.
  4. hi, first time to post in the forum. was trying to update the Mobile Device Connector via ESMC but was unable. tried using a standalone installer but couldn't get past figuring out the correct syntax, stuck with error "Unknown database driver or datasource name (DSN)" using a Virtual Appliance for the Server, Proxy, and MDM. Server and Proxy are all fully updated. any pointers on how to do this either via command line or ESMC would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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