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  1. Oh thank you very much. I had already tried this login finally but with a lowercase "a" ... So close ^^
  2. Hello, I created a policy as shown and applied it to my machine: I configured a password and a certificate with its valid key on our internal domain (wildcard) With this configuration I manage to connect to the machine in https on port 10001 and I have to enter a login and a password. This is where I am blocking, what is this login? In the policy, only the entry of a password is proposed to me. The certificate sent to me is the one indicated in the policy Regards,
  3. I do not have / do not use this file because the configuration of my Antivirus programs on my linux workstations is managed by an agent which communicates with a central server. I was able to activate the agent's web interface with a policy corresponding to the installed antivirus program.
  4. Hello, From a police in Security Management Center I activated the web interface for ESET File Security for Linux clients. I have configured the socket, the certifcat and the mdp. I have good access to the interface but cannot connect because I have to enter a login but I did not have to configure it. I tried "admin", "root", "eset" with the password defined in the policy but it does not work. What is this default login? Regards,
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