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  1. Thank you very much, Itman!!! Anti-Theft was indeed enabled!! Unwittingly I must have selected it when I was setting up this fairly new computer. I have unselected this option. Live and learn!!
  2. I ran ESET computer scan which found no detections. However, that is a long list in the report labeled "unable to open" -- things.like MS Windows Defender, Microsoft Edge, and many more. Anything of concern there?
  3. Marcos, What should I do too set things right?
  4. I am the only person with access to this computer. I do not think I enabled Any anti- theft programs, although I am still trying to delete all the Microsoft programs that came with this computer. Maybe I missed something???
  5. When I woke up the computer from sleep the desktop was not mine! Just a few programs there Turbo Tax and some Unix programs, 3 or 4 varieties of Vim. Then I restarted and got the message that someone else was using the computer and did I want to go ahead with restart, which I did. Then I found the John account and deleted it and all its programs. What should I do next?
  6. I am running ESET Smart Security Premium. Today I discovered that some unknown hacker has created an account for himself ("John") and is using my computer and programs, such as Turbo Tax, etc. I first tried to restart that's when I learned that "someone else using this computer.." I deleted his account and some Unix programs he had there. Then I shut down the computer. I'm sending this from my phone. What should I do? I thought ESET would protect against this kind of hacking!!!
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