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  1. I tried to take a screenshot of the message Home-nettwerk. Have a Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile and to take a screenshot I'm supposed to klick om the volymenbotton and power bottom simultaneously ....but nothing happened?? What screen shall I take a screenshot of?? 1: the one whit all my units status ? It's a list of my units connected to my router in my homenetwerk? 2. I do not understand the page with Userlog in admin Followed by an empty line to logg in and I don't know any of them?? I work from my mobile phone as I do not master my new win 10 computer att all!
  2. Why is it impossible to change the Netgear routers password to not be secure enough?? Have tried several times to change it and sometimes it's ok i.e. not being red marked as insecure password in daytime here in Sweden??? I have tried several times and passwords..not even an professional technician could fix it!! It was a waist of money!! Then I figured it out my self using the Netgear specifik app but alas...in the evening or very soon after changing the password ...it was marked red again as insecure!!! What the heck???
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