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  1. Dear Bala, Does it work..? Or the issue remains same..? Best Regards, Thisara
  2. Dear Bala, What I did is format the machine.. But as I think after that, i could get the solution. You need access the host file in ( windows, system 32, drivers, etc ) and edit.. remove the www.gstatic.com line.. Then it should be ok.. Try and comment. Best Regards, Thisara
  3. Dear Itman, Yes.. I don't have any extention on the edge. But when we try to serach somthing, it wil appeare. Best Regards, Thisara
  4. Dear Itman, Can't I find that infected file.? Then I can delet that file/files.. If not, how can I blacklist this notification on eset.? Thank you. Best Regards, Thisara
  5. Dear Marcos, Thank you very much. Yes.. It is detecting on all browsers..But only on this device.. Yes, I tryd even disabling all extentions. But its there. how can I detect that infected file, to delete.? Please help me on that. Thank you. Best Regards, Thisara
  6. Dear Itman, What you mean by " false positive detection" ? I can't understand.. Yes, We will wait till Marcos's reply.. Thank you, Best Regards, Thisara
  7. Dear Nightowl, Then how can I get rid from that.. I herewith attached the my extention page. Plesae review that.. If someone hacked, how can i get rid from that..? Please help me. Thank you, Best Regards, Thisara
  8. Dear Marcos, Please find the Logs with "quarantined files".. Please help me on this.. Need solve this as soon as possible. Once again thank you very much.eis_logs.zip Best Regards, Thisara
  9. Dear All, When each and every time I opened Google Chrome and its pages it appears and its blocked lot of page including google pay in Google settings. I uninstalled and reinstall both chrome and ESET. But it doesn't work. Please help me on this since its very hassle to work with continuous notifications. Best Regards, Thisara
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