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  1. That`s what I attemted to do, but didn`t find a reasonable way to keep adding these IP addresses into a group on zywall that would have an automatic rule to block connection. I need to look into zywall manual.
  2. Great. Thank you again. I will look into that.
  3. Thank you for the advice. The exchange is behind a firewall, zywall. The attacks happen on ports essentials for exchange traffic, 25, 80, 443. As far as the email scanner goes... is it just informative message that Eset is doing its job? Do I do anything with that?
  4. Hi. I am a newbie here with ESMC and Eset. I have eset installed on MS Exchange and lately I have been getting messages about incoming attack. My question is, what do I do when it has been detected. What do you recommend as a general practice? The messages I have been getting are attached in screenshots. Thank you in advance for any guidance.
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