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  1. Hi, Thanks for the note. I spent over 3 hours on this trying to get the logs. Setting the logging level caused ESET to hang most of the time unless I reboot and do it as the first action - hit and miss at best. Clearing the log level was the same. Running the log collector never completed - it hung trying to obtain the eset product configuration. In all I've lost nearly a days work on this issue, never mind the slowness all last week. In the end, and actually in an attempt to get any logs to you, I've un-installed eset (in safe mode while risking my defined nic's !!) because the uninstaller also crashed. Of course I can't then collect the logs after the removal, but lets face it I was getting nowhere at all. So now I have Windows Defender and an extremely fast machine, fans have stopped trying to blow 90 litres of air per second too. It will be some time, if ever, that I try eset again. Most likely I'll cancel my license. I have used eset for over 10 years happily, but I'm afraid releasing software that acts like a DoS attack just isn't on - sorry (ok, I'm overplaying it, but killing my machine stops me working & that's DoS in principal). Thanks for your suggestion and offer to help though - just couldn't get there in the end & I don't have time to spend solving other peoples s/w issues - I have my own to write. Thanks
  2. In the last week or so ESET has started consuming much more CPU than normal. It's rated "very high" in task manager and uses ~15% of CPU all the time - even when I'm doing nothing more than writing an email in Outlook. I say outlook, but after a reboot 30 minutes ago outlook still hasn't started & it's stuck on the eset plugin. My machine is less than a year old Xeon, CPU up to 4Ghz, SSD disks and 32Gb ram - basically it's quick enough and shouldn't be eaten by ESet like this. Eset is the only task that's running hot on my machine - I've rebooted it numerous times to try and deal with eset. I've re-installed eset too with no effect. Eset has the cpu running flat out too. I can't open explorer.exe. Can't reach system properties. At times the windows key simply stops working. Sometimes eset does calm down to ~5% CPU and then my desktop re-draws a number of times and I can work again. As soon as I open a document eset jumps back to 15% cpu and the desktop is unresponsive - even the keyboard went this morning in Excel. There are some web sites that when accessed eset jumps in, doesn't open the banking protection, but hangs chrome completely (my bank - not some tin pot site). Basically I can barely work on the machine. Before I cancel my contract and remove eset for good can anyone help me out, or is there a fix/update coming that will deal with this?
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