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  1. After 5 hours and many tries I could made updates on all machines - 2 of the 4 servers were finished already. The both remaining are scanning now. What I don´t understand - why are the definitions in the iso outdated this much? Other live cd´s are updated on a daily base. It happened already in the past years, that I had to scan machines wich are not online with a stick or disc I prepared the day before I head to the customer. But anyway, patience was the key, thank you all for the replies.
  2. Where did I say that I´ve downloaded the iso on the systems I want to scan?
  3. Thanks. Did that already on all machines before posting. Waiting atm for "a later time"...
  4. For a potentially compromised System I´ve downloaded the iso yesterday. It took time due tho the <50kbs speed but now I´m ready to scan. But I don´t think that makes sense with a signature database that´s more that 9 months old. Why didn´t makes the live system updates? If I click the Version shown in that screen, I´ll be led to the website that displays the actual versions. How to get them?
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