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  1. So my dad has the license key, the guy sent it to him. And he enters it, but the warning continues to pop up, along with the above screenshot ^ I have asked my dad to send the public license ID. Will post it here once I get it.
  2. Thank you so much! My fear is that this repair guy is not reputable, and is taking my dad for a ride. I've asked my dad for the public license ID. Will report back. Thank you
  3. So I got a bit more clarity from my dad. He says that the last screenshot (from above) shows everything is working as it should be. When he goes to browse the internet is when he gets a small message in the lower righthand corner. He clicks on that and gets the attached screenshot. He has already entered his license key, but the message and this attached screenshot still come up. Interestingly enough, when he first got ESET installed, everything worked fine for about 6 months. Then the software told him his license had expired, which was odd. So he took the computer back to the repair guy, and the guy put in a different license number. Then all of this started happening. The repair guy emailed my dad the new license number (he hadn't given it to him this last time), but it seems like the program keeps asking him to put it in over and over. I'm not sure what to make of any of this.
  4. The computer is an HP. According to my dad, there are two icons with exclamation points by them, including the ESET one. I asked for screenshots. Sorry for the back and forth. Unfortunately because of the virus I can't be there to observe what's going on.
  5. So the computer repair guy got back in touch, and he said "The error you are seeing is a support assistant error. Not the actual eset itself so I want to verify if there is an error on the eset interface" We aren't sure what this means (support assistant error). He is asking to see if there any kind of error on the ESET interface, I assume to prove that this is a support assistant error. I attached a screenshot of the current status. Everything seems to be running fine. The message is still appearing though.
  6. I don't personally, no. I can try to see if my dad could provide something.
  7. It would be either under my dad’s email or the repair guy’s email. I’m assuming the latter, but I could be wrong. Unfortunately I don’t know.
  8. Yes, the computer guy installed eset. He gave my dad a license key to put in. This seemed to remedy the issue for a day or so, but the messages started coming back again.
  9. Ok, thank you. I will relay this info to him, and see if we can figure those things out. A computer repair guy installed this for him, and when this message started appearing my father took it back to the guy. The repair guy uninstalled it, re-installed it but when my dad got home, the message began coming back. Thank you for your help
  10. Thank you, Would the virus software that comes with Windows 10 be affecting the ESET virus software?
  11. Sorry this took so long. Attached are two screenshots of what he sees. He has entered his license key, but still gets this message.
  12. My father has ESET virus protection on his computer (running windows) and he continues to get the message: “ internet security, your system is exposed.” The prompt takes him to a webpage. He has taken the computer for service and the tech uninstalled and reinstalled the virus software, but the message continues to show. Anyone know why this would happen? Unfortunately due to the corona virus, I can’t be there to see what is happening. Just trying to get him some help. thank you!
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