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  1. Reading the previous responses in this thread tells you all you need to know. Endpoint seems to be still interfering with things even when users are adding exclusions and disabling functions. Adds additional headache when troubleshooting.
  2. Thank you for providing the link. Its working now. hxxp://cdn.watchguard.com/SoftwareCenter/Files/MUVPN_SSL/12_5_3/WG-MVPN-SSL_12_5_3.exe https://support.eset.com/en/kb7470-watchguard-mobile-vpn-connection-issue-with-eset-endpoint-antivirus-eset-endpoint-security I do have concerns though that ESET Endpoint appears to be ignoring the exclusions and toggles of certain functions. If I disable a feature, it should be actually disabled.
  3. 12.2.0 is available on Watchguards site for XTM33 12.5.2 is whats available when I directly DL it from the firewall. Where are you getting this info from and can you provide a DL link?
  4. There hasn't been any sort of update for the client of my model XTM33. And we don't have TDR, BTW.
  5. I'm experiencing the same issue with ESET Endpoint 7.0.2091.0. Watchguard VPN works fine after uninstalling ESET. Tried excluding the program folder and exes within to no avail.
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