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  1. Weird. It goes on for a few minutes on all our machines and the HDD churns. No performance impact on an SSD equipped machine. Admittedly, this could also be a combination of other processes fighting for I/O as the machine finishes boot. My post was more curiosity about the actual need for startup scan though. HW configs vary from 4th gen i5's with 8GB ram and up. Most have spinning rust. All Win10 Pro 64-bit. @Marcos So real-time scanner doesn't actively monitor those locations while the PC is running?
  2. There is quite a bit of a performance hit when cold booting PCs with traditional HDDs due to Startup scan. If the resident real-time scanner is doing its job, isn't the startup scan redundant?
  3. Creating the rule for the UDP ports bypasses our webfilter proxies. I think the proxy was causing issues and the google support doc specifically mentioned proxies as a no no. I figured at the time that they weren't the issue since the meetings would start. I'm learning as I go and definitely not on your level, itman.
  4. I believe the problem is now resolved by creating a rule in our firewall allowing outbound UDP ports to 19302–19309 per the Google article: https://support.google.com/a/answer/1279090 Backed out all the changes made in ESET and its still working. Guess the content inspection being done by ESET and our firewall simultaneously was causing the problem. Google meet could deal with one, but not both at the same time. Sorry to bother everyone. I sincerely thought this was an ESET issue since the problem disappeared after uninstalling it.
  5. Just using free google account on this end with no additional bells n' whistles. Correct. Its after starting the Meet session. I can start a meeting and be sitting in it alone and it just abruptly end with "A Network Error has occurred". It never takes long to error out.
  6. Google Chrome browser is all we use as that is a requirement of the local school district to guarantee compatibility. I have not tried using Firefox or Edge Chromium.
  7. Could network config be a factor even though uninstalling eset or excluding google cert resolves it? I can duplicate this on every machine in my domain running Windows/ESET. The only machines without the issue are a few Linux boxes (no AV on those).
  8. I have a support ticket that was generated via web form. I got an email this morning telling me to call support # or Chat. Wont the excluded Cert expire, forcing me to update the exclusion each time?
  9. Should I attempt to contact ESET support and forward this info or does @Marcoshave the means to resolve it? I waited 1.5hrs on the phone for ESET phone support this morning with no response. My next attempt was going to be through Chat.
  10. I opened a support ticket with ESET and linked this thread. Workspace isn't installed. These are student workstations that kids use to communicate with local school district teachers for e-learning. They are required to use Google Chrome. Not feasible to disable\re-enable after sessions due to number of students. I will attempt to also contact Google and report this. ESET is well known/used, so I can't believe we're the only ones with this problem. Thank you again for your help.
  11. There is no application/exe installed. Google Meet is initiated by going to meet.google.com and clicking new meeting.
  12. Thanks. I found it just before you replied. Disabling protocol filtering fixes it. What should I do from here? Thanks for your help
  13. ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2041.0 Disabling protocol filtering fixes the issue What should I do from here?
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