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  1. Yes the scan in my OP was done with zip file method by VirusTotal.
  2. Ok, will do advised thanks but since the sites are inactive I cannot scan the files at quttera since the files are on my desktop and not a url?
  3. Thanks but then I would need to do the same with the file which shows as picked up by commodo?
  4. Hello all, I use Eset for my computers but this inquiry is for my websites. 3 of my websites being hosted at Godaddy are down with them saying the sites are infected. I have copied all 3 websites files unto my desktop seeking to clean them myself. I used the virusTotal utility to scan one of the sites files and attached is the result of that scan if anyone can have a look please. The VirusTotal support told me: So this is why I am coming here for help since one of the entries showing relates to Eset, any ideas on my next steps please? Thanks.
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