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  1. We have no TDR, seems like it is some additional service. How to exclude WatchGuard directories in ESET ?
  2. Thanks, I got it. I sent a logs but they most probably will not reply until Monday. I checked logs in GUI and it seems nothing was blocked at network level. HIPS log contains several "blocking" messages about VPN modules, but when I disable HIPS, nothing changes.
  3. No, disabling network attack protection and protocol filtering does not help. And, I see no "Diagnostic" under Tools. There are LogFiles, RunningProcesses, SecurityReport, WatchActivity but no Diagnostic.
  4. Hello, We're using ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 7.2.2055.0 (older 7.x versions affected too) and have random problems while connecting to our corporate Watchguard VPN. If I delete ESET completely, VPN is working OK. I added two vpn exe modules to to "Protocol Filtering" - "Excluded applications". I added our VPN IP address to "Protocol Filtering" - "Excluded IP addresses". I added also vpn address to "allowed url list". Nothing helps, what else can be done?
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