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  1. Ahhh...ok...misunderstood...When I read the word "distributor", that to me meant something like a sales\support outlet that is typically affiliated with, but a separate entity from, the manufacturer. Thanks for clarifying...
  2. I am working with the eval and in any event, I don't really have a local distributor. In fact, we don't really have such a thing in the US for personal software use. I know this isn't your fault but just some feedback for the ESET engineering team --- Users shouldn't need to raise a support ticket to learn about existing features...these should already be documented prior to release. Anyway, thank for your feedback...
  3. Thx Marcos...I appreciate the feedback. macOS is a BSD variant and because the startup files for Windows are drastically different from xNIX operating systems, what is done on the Windows side doesn't really offer much insight here. So it really is important to fully understand what's going on when these events kick-off on the Mac version...
  4. In the Scheduler, there are 2 events named Automatic startup file check that indicate a System startup file check is performed whenever the user logs in and when modules are successfully updated. I checked the documentation and there is nothing that discusses what these events do or what is scanned. I also checked the docs for the Windows version and while there is a brief discussion re: these events, it does not go into any real detail and what is said doesn't really apply to the macOS operating system. Can ESET please provide more explanation and details about these events are and what they do?
  5. Thanks Marcos...then I believe we have a bug in the software. Here is the observed behavior: ESET GUI is open --- may or may not be minimized: Attempt to download the eicar.org test file, file is flagged as expected. The Detected threats log indicates the discovery of the issue and the type of issue found. Manually scan the already downloaded eicar.org test file, the file is flagged as expected. The Computer scan log indicates that the scan was performed and also increments the counter for issues found. However, the Detected threats log does not indicate the discovery of the issue. ESET GUI is closed --- this also results in the Dock icon going away: Attempt to download the eicar.org test file, the website is blocked (different behavior than above). Also, the Filtered websites log does not show this attempt. Manually scan the already downloaded eicar.org test file, nothing happens meaning the file is not flagged but also, no indication is given that the file was even scanned. Also, the Computer scan log does not indicate any scan was performed. Also, the attached file shows the message that is presented when closing the GUI. Thanks.
  6. All of the other Mac AV and security apps I have used are able to run in the background without the main app being open. In such cases, the application protects the machine and when the user needs to access the app itself, it is done via the Finder or the Dock. It appears that ESET does not allow this and the app must remain open at all times. Is this correct?
  7. Thanks Marcos --- so is there any timeframe for when v.7 will be available?
  8. Hello, I know that ESET staff have previously said SSL scanning will be available with the v7 release. Is there any timeframe for when this will be available even if only in BETA form? Thanks.
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