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  1. Thanks for your respond, Marcos. Base on your description, and according to Task Manager and Resource monitor, during the scannings, why System (PID 4) only attempts to access the same target files? This System (PID 4) takes up over 10 or 20 seconds. The biggest target file is not over 20MB. Why it is scanned or be read for over 3.2 million bytes at every time according to the data on Resource Monitor. That means the usage of hard disk is almost 100%. Do you think this is normal? I am so sorry for keeping asking the same question because I do worry my system may be infected or hijac
  2. Thank you for your respond. I am curious why does ESET only scan those particular exe files but not others in the same directory? Like I said, it seems it only choose sto scan the files it is interested in. I mean when this weird scanning occurs, why does It only scan the same game directory or software directory and the same exe files at each time, but filter or ignore any other games or softwares? I mean it should scan the sensitive files which is easy to be infected but not just a game directory. For instance, it only scan the 64-bit exe file on XXX folder but it NEVER sca
  3. There is a weird behavior of my ESET. Because my English is not good enough, I will try my best to explain. Base on Task Manager and Resource Monitor, I found that ESET sometimes scans (or just read?) some files (Most of the files are exe extention) without my operation (That means I don't control it but it scans by itself) and cause my hard disk almost 100% usage for one or two minutes. During this weird behavior, it only scan (or just read?) the same files as it did last time. It seems like it has mind to choose the target files it wants to scan (or just read?) no matter where I put the
  4. My English is not very well, so I hope you guys dont' mind. Today, I tried to update Google Chrome from old version to the latest version. Suddenly, ESET popped up a window and warned the link of the installer contained a virus called "URL/Urlik.AAO Object" I updated on Google Chrome, so I have no idea why I get this warning.
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