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  1. i can't find settings with firewall statuses. How open this window ?
  2. in witch mysql table esmc store problem (firewall is paused) and problem datail ( this functionality is pasuesd...) informations ?
  3. emcs Computers ->show details -> alerts don't monitoring firewall status. After disable firewall on user computer, emcs don't show that firewall was turned off. do I need to configure something else? how to delete eset entopoint configuration from emsc ?
  4. Hi, how to check from eset management console if the user has not turn off firewall on the computer ? Does esmc 7.2 report firwall settings ?
  5. it is possible upgrade eset 7.2 to 7.3 without uninstalling eset 7.2 and without esmc ?
  6. hi, I created a scan schedule for Tuesday at 1 p.m. In the logs I see that eset performs a scan every day at 13 o'clock. This situation is on several computers with eset 7.2 How to solve the problem with daily scanning ?
  7. microsoft kb 453867 caused a problem
  8. i have installed Eset 7.2 and problem is the same. All network traffic is blocked in interactive mode.When eset firewall is turn off the network starts working
  9. i don't create any rule in eset, this is a new installation of eset and windows. For example, google chrome don't display web pages. Alos dosen't work ping to After turn off firewall everything works.
  10. Hi, I have installed eset endpoint security 7.1.2053 on windows 10. I set up firewall in interactive mode. After that eset don't display any message about incoming/outgoing traffic. Why ?
  11. whether configuring agent police R R 9,15 * * ? * i should use utc time which (8,14) will be converted to local time (utc+01:00) ? Set up policy with local time (9,15) causes that console displays last connected time 10 and 16 o'clock
  12. Hi, i have installed esmc 7.1 and agent 7.1 and set up: 1) agnet police: R R 9,15 * * ? * 2) utc + 01:00 in user settings 3) result command timedatectl from centos7 Local time: Tue 2020-03-03 10:27:18 CET Universal time: Tue 2020-03-03 09:27:18 UTC RTC time: Tue 2020-03-03 09:27:18 Time zone: Europe/Warsaw (CET, +0100) NTP enabled: no Last connected time in Computers tab is forward by 1 hour, agent connects at 10 and 16 o'clock instead of 9 and 15. Agnet log, status.html file, time is switched backwards by 1 hour. How to
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