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  1. None except adding "," to trusted zone all settings are default.
  2. I've noticed after interval of every few seconds "Audit Failure" is been logged in Event viewer there are over 10k+ logs of same error which are triggered by ekrn.exe and few of them by svchost.exe. How do i fix this issue? Thanks.
  3. Yes it's ESET Internet Security, got confused, there are so many settings in here seems more like enterprise products.
  4. Switched to Nod32 today and found this in troubleshooting wizard, what's going on here? Everything seems working fine on my end. I'm accessing internet through public router it's the only option at my Univ and using Cloudflare DNS to unblock some webpages also IPV6 is set to "obtain DNS server automatically". Need some help regarding this.
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