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  1. Thanks @Marcos I tried it and it worked. To expand if other people have the same question: I added the license to ESMC, launched a task to install the Agent on an h Eset 5 workstation, it worked (after a few troubles involving invalid customer DNS), then when the workstation was managed by ESMC, I created a new task to install last Eset version on the station, Eset 5 was uninstalled automatically, after a few minutes the computer restarted and Eset 7.2 was functional. In the ela.eset.com page the new license appeared too. So far, so good. Worthy of note is that the new installed Es
  2. Hello The Era 5 system is installed on a Win 2012 server that will be decommissioned in a few months, to evaluate the problems with passage to ESMC 7 (never used it till now) I have installed an appliance running under a Win10 workstation using Hyper-V. The Win10 workstation had a Endpoint 7 installed using the customer license. This Endpoint was installed well before the ESMC appliance, and was not (of course) managed by the Era5 system. I installed the Agent for this workstation and updated the Endpoint through the ESMC. So far so good. Now the remaining part is to bring the r
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