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  1. I finally got it all fixed! With the fixmbr with USB recovery device, it all went well. Now the virus no longer appear when I did the scanning. Thank you all
  2. This time I have gone to the safe mode to scan according to your steps. And the result is as following: It is so weird that the scan did not pick up any virus/malware this time under the Win10 safe mode and running the scan under administrator level. I am sure the Pitou.J is still in the computer since it still pop up when i restart my computer each time. So I might as well just begin to kick off the MBR fix/repair. How do I proceed that? Would repair/refix the MBR erase all my files in hard drive? Do I simply follow the recommendation as following?
  3. I tried to use your recommended "On demand scan" under safe mode, but nothing happen when I click on the ESET Security. Seem the safe mode suspended it's operation. So the only scan I could do was the online scanner. How can I get the program scan operate?
  4. Thanks for your help, I did all the steps according to your recommendation, and the OpenCandy is disappear now. The only threat left is the Trajon Pitou J at MBR as shown on the ESET Online Scanner this time. (See the attached screen shot) So what is the step next? Boot to recovery console and run fixmbr?
  5. Thanks for your reply, I have created a Window Recovery USB according to your recommendation. But I would like to know if I boot from the Window Recovery Console, and run fixmbr, would that erase all my files? Or it will simply only repair the MBR without deleting any of my files?
  6. Thanks for your advice, the Eset on demand scan in safe mode has found the problem is with MBR, yet it couldn't be remove/resolve the file/virus Do you know what is my action next?
  7. I have extracted the log and attached for your review. I did also an Eset on-demand scan in safe mode as recommented by itman, the result is displayed as following: Seems it is confirmed the location of the virus is with the MBR as others suspected. So what is my action to do next? eav_logs.zip
  8. Hello All, My computer has been showing this Win32/Pitou.J (As far as I know it is a Trojan) is detected every time after I restarted my computer. The antivirus itself couldn't identify the file location, nor remove/delete the file. I tried to manually look for the infected file according to the following website and I couldn't find it. What are my alternative solution?
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