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  1. @sindbad Such functionality, for the "one click" update, is implemented in the upcoming version 7:
  2. @nhesetnod32 Thank you for reporting. We will be tracking improvement request for that in the future. However as we do not get that much requests for the MDM-related functionality, it does not get very high priority. @ludolf I will be tracking improvement requests for both of the reported issues. @Sunwardsquash Thank you for the feedback. Concerning the "one click" resolutions, for reported problems, we are working hard to improve those in the future. In the upcoming V7, there will be option to one-click resolve various application problems, and also add exclusions directly from the threats. We want to continue in this direction, so basically address other cases that you have described (web protect, firewall, etc ...). We are also planning to improve the set of data that is being collected. Concerning the templates - can you be more specific? Do you mean policy templates, with more precisely described recommended settings for specific use-cases? What specific policy settings you have found confusing / problematic?
  3. @LCS Thank you for your inputs. We are already tracking improvement for that (disabling the build-in administrator account). The recommended approach is to really use Administrator account as "backup" with high-complexity password, stored within secure environment. @Maxim. We are already tracking improvement for the "object created" / "first connected". I will expand it with the "previous hostname". Can you please elaborate about what should be behind "etc". If you have anything else in mind, please let us know.
  4. @pps Thank your for your feedback. Description: Capability to force stop frozen tasks This is in the backlog. What do you mean by “frozen” ? (does it happen to you, that tasks got stuck in some state – running?) Description: Capability to use 'group by' in reports This is being continuously added. Are there any specific symbols, that you would like to use for “group by” ? Description: Capability to clean the quarantine older than X days or Y weeks Does this mean, that you would like to basically schedule a task for “quarantine cleanup” for files older than XY Days? Would it be acceptable to have this as a policy setting? Description: Firewall Learning mode directly from workstations Does this mean, that you want to “merge rules” from multiple workstations, and convert them into the policy for the rest? Or how this should work? Description: Firewall in File security products This was never possible. What kind of a problem you are trying to solve, by using the “Endpoint Firewall” on the Windows Server system? Does it mean, they are not beyond some physical network FW or? Description: Smarter Firewall that can use files as samples and not paths Can you provide a bit more information about this. As I am not sure, what kind of a problem you would like to solve by this. Description: Force restart of workstations for malfunctions or updates (like windows update) You have a task for that as of now. Or you can use the “run command”. In the V7 the issue with “not automatically performing reboot” after upgrade will be fixed as well. Description: Database clean up In V7, we will bring more granular options for database cleanup. However some of the tables, like TBL policies are not cleaned automatically. Why you want to remove them? Just to save the DB space? Description: Apache Tomcat 7 64bit instead of 32bit We will track improvement for that. Description: Folder creation in policies We will track improvement for that (AFAIK we have some, and there is a proposal by the UX team, but I will have to check) Description: Blocked webpage message in Web Control (asked already from another user) We will track improvement for that. Description: Workstation can have different policy from the policy in his group What do you mean by this? Workstation has only the policy, that is assigned. However, workstation might have multiple policies assigned, meaning it could have a different “resulting configuration”. Also, settings not set via policy are “accessible” to the user, so he is able to adjust them locally. We are planning to improve the readability of the policies screen in a way, that it will explicitly inform the end-user about from where a specific setting is set. We do not have a target version yet, but it´s being tracked.
  5. @SysEPr What kind of a problem you would fix by this? We are adding the option to search for "assigned user". Also, assigned user will be seen in the "client details". Why this is needed in the "computers" section?
  6. As of now the plan is to release the version 7 in Q2. More details will be available in April.
  7. @SysEPr Advanced search is planned for the future version. We are continuously improving the "search via filters", but that´s not a generic search bar you might have in mind. Assign computers from user management - This is coming in V7 Jump to computer from user management - This is coming in V7
  8. Currently, the installation packages are referring the particular version. However, in the upcoming version 7, you will be able to apply policy, that will automatically update all agents to match the server version. I will track improvement for this. Yes, it will include all of those components. I truly believe that this will be improved in the upcoming version. It will be improved a bit in the upcoming version. I will track improvement for the additional "symbols" (Mac Address / Assigned User). For the list of devices without assigned users, I have created a backlog improvement.
  9. @Jboring Fist thing is already in the backlog, with target release date in version 7.1 Second thing was requested couple of times, but it´s not easily achievable due to the way how DG membership is evaluated (on the agent side). We have however a backlog item in place for it, but as I have mentioned, currently there is no target version for it.
  10. @SysEPr Thank you for your feedback. Here are my comments & couple of questions, to get better understanding: Description: IdP provider (like Okta, OneLogin, etc..) or SCIM support for user synchronization We will add this into the feature backlog Description: SaaS ERA service from ESET for larger companies (more than 300 users) This is something, that is already in the process. I can´t comment on the availability, but it is among out top priorities Description: Agent installer that installs the latest version by default As of now, we are not able to do this due to legal restrictions (you pre-accept EULA upon generating, however each version can have adjustments in EULA). So legal department is against it. But improvement itself is being tracked. PS: do you mean agent = management agent, or the actual security product (ESET Endpoint Security) ? Description: Agent installer that is not a bash script / bat file In the next version, it will be possible to generate installer that will include only the management agent (.exe). Description: More detailed task status There are couple of improvements for this in the upcoming version, primarily for the software installation task (as this one is the most problematic). What are the other tasks, you would like to get more granular reporting for? Description: More advanced/combined reporting Reporting framework, although powerful, have some limitations set by the DB scheme. What kind of information you want to get in particular? There are many improvements in this, but it you will be more specific, we can focus on them Description: Dynamic group reevaluation trigger on server side This is a bit more complex than in looks. DGs are evaluated on agent, and then agent needs to reports back to server, about if it is a member of a DG. So DG is not really a „filter“, it´s more like „condition template“ that is being evaluated locally, and being acted upon (regardless of the connection to the server). We are working on the new „orchestration“ framework, that will bring asset tagging, and server side automation, and it´s possible that will bring a solution to this use-case of yours. Description: Failure reporting system We have this item into the feature backlog, planned for the future versions. Not for the V7 (although some changes were made), but for versions after V7.
  11. @fchelp Default trigger expiration is set for "one month" , not one day. I have attempted to create a new trigger now, and it sets expiration day for 19th February 2018.
  12. @Zoltan Endresz Thank you for your feedback. Points 1 & 3 are in the backlog, and we are working on a new "orchestration" framework, which should enhance the server side automation. It should enable "task chaining", and also more sophisticated triggering options based on tagging and IFTTT (If This Then That) principle. We anticipate this functionality to be introduced in future evolution of V7. Concerning the point 2, in the upcoming version 7, we are greatly enhancing the system to detect cloning / re-imaging of machines, which should prevent creation of duplicates. Also, you can automatically remove them, by the means of "delete not connecting computers" task (if all of your other clients are connecting regularly).
  13. @jdashn I can assure you, that there will always be an on-premise version of our management console. ESET is an European company (actually number 1 in EU), and us from Product Management do travel / talk with customers worldwide a lot by conducting a direct, face to face customer research. Among the talks, one of the requirements we often face, & current "feature" that our customers explicitly like is the fact that our solution is available also on-premise (for various compliance / privacy regulations). You are right, that there is a cloud based version coming (soon), initially for the SMB customers, but we have in the pipeline also enterprise version. But on-premise variant will always remain a valid option for us, as we do value the voice of our customers.
  14. @jdashn Hello, I do not understand the issue you are talking about. ERA does not explicitly need internet to work, if all of the clients are available within the local network. However, there are some specific things you need to take care of: You need to add licenses via offline file (if even ERA does not have internet access) You need to create an update mirror, using the mirror tool, and let ERA, ERA components, and all security products update via this update mirror If ESET Security products are offline, important components like ESET Live Grid will not work properly, as they need internet to work. Recommended approach is, is to tunnel internet access for ERA, and for all connected security products by the means of a HTTP Proxy, which will forward the communication with all ESET cloud services (update servers, repository, licensing servers, Live Grid), and cache the communication (installers, update files) for all components that will communicate via the HTTP Proxy (ERA server, ERA agents + other ERA components, & security products). We will soon release ESET Cloud Administrator, which will be fully cloud based version of our console, as of now limited for customers with up to 250 seats, and that will require internet access for all of the clients, as the management itself will be placed in Cloud. But for the local ERA, the things will remain the way they are now. Is this answer sufficient?
  15. @fchelp Thanks for reporting. Deletion of multiple triggers was added to backlog, and option to reuse trigger (have trigger templates) was there, so I have linked it to your comment. One note to the "reuse the same ASAP trigger" = ASAP does not equal "run now". It equals "run upon next connection of ERA agent, but not run, if the first connection is after a certain point (trigger expiration)". This will prevent us, from using the same "ASAP".
  16. @fchelp This has been already requested, and a corresponding backlog item is created. It will not be implemented in the next release, but we will evaluate it for 7.1
  17. @fchelp You can open the individual task entry in Admin / Client tasks, by the little "+" expand button, and then toggle a context menu for individual entry. You can remove individual triggers, or eventually even edit targets. Screenshot attached. In the next version (7.0) we will be adding possibility to save a filter set, for a various conditions (un-managed computers, computers without security product installed, computers with a specific security product version ...). You will then get the filtered view on top of all computers by few clicks. However, you won´t be able to automate like you do for Dynamic Groups. However, for the future, we are working on more in-depth server side automation, where defined conditions will result in "tagging" a computer, and automation framework will check "assigned tags" and trigger actions based on them. This won´t be done to 7.0, as the feature is a bit complex, but it´s being worked on. Filter sets are below, on the screenshot.
  18. What do you mean by this? You mean, to stop task which is already running? As you can easily remove "trigger", or targets for a trigger. Thank you. Concerning the other two topics, for the "static group exclusion" in DG, it´s a problem, as I have stated before. Agent does not know, to which static group it belongs, as this information currently resides only on the server. We are however tracking improvement for that one. Concerning the "DG without agent", there are more options - filters in sections, but primarily planned asset tagging feature for 7.1.
  19. @fchelp For the version 7.1 we are planning improvement related to asset tagging (assigning tags to computers based on meeting criteria) and then using those for filtering / automation. Also, in the upcoming version of 7.0, it will be possible to to save "filter sets", with kept values, that will allow to quickly filter relevant web console sections, with those. I do understand the use-case, and you can be assured, it´s in our plans. Also, you can drill-down from the report results, choose the computers into the "computers pane" and then do an action / task. Isn´t this sufficient? The same is valid for the "import computers from reports to task" (7.1).
  20. @TechMedx That is not possible, as static group membership is evaluated on server, but dynamic group is evaluated by agent. Or you mean more advanced logic, that when a computer is a member of one DG it would not be a member of another?
  21. @Pinni3 Similar functionality, to block files by hash will be added in ESET Enterprise Inspector. We have a backlog item, to have a "per hash" blacklist in our products, however as of now, it is not yet implemented. It might happen, that our Endpoints will support it in future (7.1+) versions., as it is not in scope of the 7.0.
  22. @Tim Jones & @bbahes thank you both for your feedback, much appreciated. We will process your feedback internally, and create corresponding improvements in our feature backlog. I would like to also promote one more time, the option to participate in ESET Customer Research, where members of Product Management and User Experience staff can discuss with you your feedback about ESET products, your likes, dislikes, and ability to understand your broader security context. It gives you the ability to directly influence the future development of ESET Security solutions. We are already working with bbahes to make arrangements for the call. If anyone here is willing to participate on a 2-hour call, concerning the feedback on ESET products, please send me an private message here on forum. Call can be conducted in either English, or Slovak languages.
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