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  1. @GrantMG If you have a "dead seat", you can remove it using either ESET Lciense Administrator or ESET Business account. Just search for a particular computer in the list (you can sort by the last connected time). The same functionality is available for home products, inside my.eset.com portal.
  2. No, this option is not possible, and not planned to be added. In general, the "VSDB version" is a bit of a "legacy", Currently, where majority of detections are coming via ESET Live Grid cloud reputation system, or by other behavior based modules, info about your virus signatures lost its relevancy. Also, Endpoints do have more than 20 modules in them, which means that just info about VSDB (detection engine) would not tell you whether the client really is updated. If you want to be alerted, you can configure Endpoint setting to trigger red status when modules have not been updated in longer time frame than a day. Also, the information could be added to a dedicated report template, that you can put on dashboard + you can see it in "client details".
  3. @Mindflux You are right. If you have not selected the setting during VA setup, setting in server settings won´t enable it. You have following options: Install HTTP proxy on a dedicated windows box, ideally using all in one isntaller Add it to the VA. AFAIK this steps should work: https://help.eset.com/era_deploy_va/65/en-US/enable_apache_http_proxy.html
  4. If you will update to ESMC V7, you will have the option to use "precise date filter", that was added in ESMC V7. There were also several performance improvements done, that should make it a bit better. If I read correctly, you have 18+ million (!) threats reported, which might indicate some more serious misconfigurations. How many clients you have connected to your ESMC server?
  5. maybe @MartinK can then comment, as I am out of any ideas.
  6. When you click on "client details" of the "domain-server", what is listed as the "FQDN" ? AFAIK FQDN is displayed in generated reports. You can execute "rename computers" server task, that will update the computer listing name to "FQDN".
  7. What might be a problem is, that there might be a pending feature update. I am not sure, if those could be installed using standard commands.
  8. What do you mean, that the server name is not correct? Can you post some details, like a screenshot of generated report, and the name of the server where ESMC is running?
  9. No, in this case, the pack actually means 5 devices of the type "desktop" (Windows / Mac / Linux), 5 devices of type "mobile" (Android / iOS) and 1 device of type "server". So in general you can protect up to 11 devices. And yes, you can easily protect multiple locations, there is no limitation in this.
  10. @OllyOrc sorry for the confusion. What was the previously installed version of EFSW? That was my original question.
  11. As far as I know, those three errors in ESMC are displayed in case, when the "protocol filtering" component is disabled, or not working properly. What is the version of the operating system, and what is the version of the Endpoint program? That would help to identify the root cause (along the logs that Marcos requested).
  12. @j-gray Post has been published on forum just one hour later after your question:
  13. AFAIK, Change of the ports & MDMCore hostname can be only made by re-installation of the Mobile Device Connector component.
  14. @OllyOrc You have not specified whether the ESET File Security is being updated from version 6.5 & older or version 4.5.x You can theoretically affect the "initial scan", by modifying the policy and assigning it to the machine before (initial scan setting switch to off). Initial scan setting applies only for version 6.6 & newer, which means also V7. Also, I am not an EFSW expert, but there is a command line switch to disable the "first scan" listed here: https://help.eset.com/efsw/7.1/en-US/installation_cmd.html
  15. @m.gospodinov That was exactly the recommendation I wanted to give. Please note that you can also play a bit with the dashboards, make the "table view" displayed as default, and also when you edit the report template you can edit the "top 10" setting, so if you have more than 10 different problems you can list them all (that depends on size of your network mostly).
  16. Ideally contact technical support, which should be able to provide you with instructions about how to remove the duplicated registry entries. Maybe @MartinK will be able to provide more details, how to resolve the issue.
  17. @Jaap I have discussed this with developers, and what i would recommend is to contact ESET technical support in the Netherlands. It looks that something is not behaving correctly in your environment, and without proper set of logs we won´t be able to provide further advice. You can reference this thread when creating the support ticket.
  18. I would recommend to consult product documentation for further instructions: https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/?sg_server_tasks_ad.html
  19. Thank you for the feedback. I will check on our side, whether there is anything to be done to change it. I agree, that impossibility to turn it off when anything is wrong is an inconvenience. I will try to give you update here next week.
  20. From which version of ESET Remote Administrator you have upgraded to V7? Obviously, the installation is corrupted, as old registry entries were not removed from the system. I can see duplicated entries for both ESET Remote Administrator Server, and Mobile Device Connector. This is the issue that manifested after the release of V7.
  21. You are right, as of now, there is no way for you to suppress the yellow warning in ESMC. Couple of questions though, to properly understand your setup: Do you use EMA 1 (ema.eset.com) or EMA 2 (msp.eset.com). In case of EMA 1, you will have the licenses added via security admin account of ESET License Administrator. In case of EMA 2, you add them by entering directly the EMA 2 account. Do your customers have their own ESMC instance, which they do access and you just order licenses via EMA, or you are an MSP, that just let the users to access their system? We are tracking improvement request, I am inquiring whether this change would be feasible in the near future.
  22. Yes, you can duplicate the entry, and change the name of it. Also, in "distribution" section of the notification parameters you can change the output locale (so the actual text is in the language of your choice).
  23. @smash007 In general, there might be one thing you can do. If the IP address of the ESMC server changed, if you revert it back to its original value, agents will be bale to connect. However, it depends, whether the certificate / address was configured for the IP, or the hostname. If you revert both to original values, no redeployment might be needed.
  24. License status is inherited from the licensing server. You can’t disable “closed to overusage” warning on EBA as of now, but this is in the backlog. Also, ERA is a direct predecessor to ESMC and in most cases solutions recommended for ERA 6.x are still applicable for ESMC.
  25. Notifications are “preinstalled objects”, which are set in the language of the server installation chosen during install. Only option is to recreate them, in the language of the currently logged in user. The same is valid for report templates / pre-defined (built-in) policies.
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