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  1. @Entropy From the security point of view no. However ESMC 7.0 brings a lot of additional value, information and automation functionality that would make it beneficial to upgrade at least the server to 7.0. Agents could remain on older versions, and they are compatible with the latest Endpoints (for Windows). Newly released applications like V7 programs for Linux / Mac, will however require V7 agent for sure. Is there any particular reason why you want to stick with the older ERA version? Also, which versions of security products you are running in your company?
  2. Maybe, just maybe, this might be related to the fact that you have a very short update interval set for ESMC modules. I know I had experience such behavior once, when I applied too short server setting for module updates. After module updates, if I recall correctly we restart server service, and therefore sessions are invalidated. But that´s just a guess.
  3. Thank you @OrthoC. I will forward this information to my colleague, a responsible PM for ECA. We are already tracking several improvements targeted towards more automation, and those use-cases you have described would be definitely valuable inputs for us. I will also ask colleagues to check the "run installer silently option", as AFAIK that one should still exist.
  4. Hello. Reasoning is quite simple, in the meantime we have released ESET Security Management Center, which is a "renamed" version of ESET Remote Administrator V7. So therefore, you are not running the latest version of the agent. Please note, that prior to upgrading agents to V7 it is essential that you upgrade your ERA server to ESMC 7.0, as between those versions we have implemented a communication protocol change, and where older agents are able to communicate with the newer server, it does not work the other way around. If you run a component upgrade task on your ERA server, it should offer you version 7.
  5. Ideally, also send us the details of your license, as what might have happened is that license is corrupted, and activation tokens for ESMC were not generated. We will check it with our licensing team.
  6. As of now, it´s not planned to allow creation of custom dynamic groups. ECA is targeted towards smaller users, and based on the market evidence we have gathered, creation of DGs, is a bit overwhelming. What are the templates you would like to have there, respectively, what problems are you trying to solve them with that? Also, we will be released ESET Security Management Center Cloud in H1/2020, which will allow enterprise scalability, and will have those "advanced" users.
  7. As this is a not standard behavior, I would recommend to contact ESET support. They will collect necessary logs, and hopefully give you advice.
  8. As of now, it is not possible to generate such report. We are however tracking it in the backlog for the future versions.
  9. Hello, I have checked this with the devs responsible for this functionality. It looks, that Winbind is not able to get trust with domain (domain controller does not accept the protocol, for example). We will need a support ticket, and set of logs from the ESMC server, from the time when it fails. In ESMC 7.1 we will change the mechanism, to use just Kerberos, and will respect the server settings. So if synchronization of computers is working, this will work as well. However 7.1 is targeted towards Q4/2019.
  10. Hello, does this problem persist? We had reports from other countries, however they are confirmed to be resolved as of now. Can you please try again?
  11. Hello, No, this is currently not possible. It´s also first time, that we are getting such request. How many of those you have?
  12. In case you will be using offline repository generated using the mirror tool, which downloads the metadata, then you will just select the installer from the offered list. If you will be doing it in a way that you create your own folder, you will have to use the direct path to the installation file, which means you will have to do two separate tasks, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit machines.
  13. By any chance, is any of your installed Endpoints running version 6.6? I have not yet received confirmation, but it might be related to the alert reported by Endpoints, about your product being outdated. It might be related to this: https://support.eset.com/ca7304/ If not, I would randomly check one of the affected endpoints, for the alert that is displayed in the local GUI. It will help us with troubleshooting the issue.
  14. As of now, dashboard access rights are made in a way, that dashboards consist from reports. All report templates are by default located in "object group" all. You can either give customers / users access to a specific object group, or ideally move them to group "shared" where you move all of the report templates that are used in dashboard, and create a combined permission sets, one for reports / dashboards in group "shared" and one for needed functionality with regards to the user access. If all of the users have the same access, they will be able to build the same dashboards. In upcoming version 7.1 we will allow option to set a dashboard as "default", meaning that every new user will start with such dashboard setup (if he has access to the object group where the reports used on dashboard are located).
  15. Do you want to configure different access rights management? Meaning for different AD users, give access to different functionality? For that you can add "mapped domain security groups", and then configure them the specific permission sets.
  16. You can check it in your "about" window. The module number should be: 1740.3 Can you please let us know the version of the server, console and browser?
  17. Hello, ESET is listed here: https://www.nsslabs.com/advanced-endpoint-protection-aep-security-value-map Or what other test you have in mind?
  18. Does this issue persist after you log-off and log back again to the webconsole? We are releasing a new version of the configuration editor for ESMC, and that might affect the console behavior in this way.
  19. What you need to do, is to perform "reset cloned agent task", pointed towards the machine which was cloned. You have created a state, where multiple machines are replicating into the same computer entry. Then machines will appear correctly. Subsequent static group synchronization task will resolve the conflicts and merge relevant entries. I would also recommend to upgrade to ESMC V7 as that one has improved handling of computer cloning, and will alert you in case such issue happen again. You can also mark a specific computer as "master for cloning" resulting in a state that will automatically create new computer entries.
  20. As I am not able to properly understand your intentions, the best thing I would recommend is that you contact Canon, our exclusive distributor in Japan, that might be able to help you with addressing your request. They have trained staff to assist you.
  21. Hello, can you be more specific, about what you would like to configure? Currently, when you enable syslog export, the standard set of logs is being exported. Format / legend is further explained here: https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/admin_server_settings_syslog.html?events-exported-to-json-format.html We currently do not support any advanced configuration for this.
  22. I would like to add to Marcos - Computers table includes the "computer status". As of now, the security status is in the page "Threats" and it does not currently affect the Computer status. We are tracking a change request to change this behavior. With regards to the "PUP" flagged as "critical", this is incorrect behavior, and it should not happen. You can eventually solve this by setting cleaning settings to "strict cleaning", however it would be interesting for us to know the product, the version, OS, and also the particular PUP, as this behavior was meant to be changed, so you might have identified some issue in the current implementation.
  23. Hello @segFault Can you please send me your contact details? ECA is available also in the US, you can either purchase it online. Pricing is fully available also for the United States. I will get you in touch with the US sales team, that will be able to assist you.
  24. I am not completely sure what product you are talking about. If you are talking about a consumer mobile product, you have posted in a wrong forum section. If about the business one, you can convert username&password into license key (needed for the new one) at https://ela.eset.com/LicenseOwner/Converter. For home, you can do it here: https://my.eset.com/convert
  25. Hello @bbahes I have added your request to our improvement backlog. It´s out of scope for the future version though, as scope of that one is already closed.
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