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  1. @OrthoC Ok, so no "care-less" but "effortless" We are working hard to design applications that will be simpler and would require fewer clicks, fewer steps, and fewer time in general to work with them. And automation is one of the paths we will for sure follow. This exactly shows us, how important this is!
  2. The software needs to support "silent uninstall" (needs to be listed in the list of the applications, and should have "YES" in the column "agent supports uninstall).
  3. Hello, changes should be detected by agent almost immediately after they happen. They are reported to server based on the configured replication interval.
  4. @OrthoC Than you for your feedback. Indeed, you are right, that´s the long term goal to achieve completely "careless" environment for our customers. As of now, the ecosystem consist of three components: ECA server - we care about the upgrades ECA Management Agent - there is a task to initiate an upgrade of the agent, when a new version is available. This one can be easily triggered from the main dashboard, by clicking on the "red" portion of the chart, or from the dashboard "installed applications" Security Product - as Marcos correctly stated, there is a "micro PCU" functionality implemented, that we will be enabling soon. You can configure it for Windows Endpoints here in the policy, and that would mean, the moment we release, we will automatically either download or download and update the Endpoint program. Long term goal is to remove also the point number 2 and let agents automatically update to the latest version as well.
  5. You can find instructions here: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/mirror_tool_windows.html
  6. This is currently not possible. We are however tracking a requirement for it.
  7. Please register such license first. You can´t add a license into EBA, unless all registration attributes are filled in, it won´t work in ESET business account. Was it a license purchased in retail? Like a security pack?
  8. Yes, agents should point to the ERA 6 folder. We will rename it to something more generic, as actually ERA 6 = ESMC 7 with regards to the mirror, and it includes all ERA / ESMC components.
  9. Can you please let us know, how are you updating the modules? Are they updated: Directly from ESET servers From ESET servers, via HTTP Proxy From offline mirror? Thank you. However it looks to us, that the translator module is the latest, however for whatever reason the configuration engine module failed to update. That would require customer care ticket.
  10. You are right, the policy is "buggy", as it by default it includes also default rules (when you click on the " Show built in (predefined) rules" checkbox in the bottom they will be shown). I will ask our team to change it. As a quick workaround, you should either edit the policy, and move the rules to the top (above the default ones). Or disable the predefined rules. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Hello @Cruz This is a common request, that is being tracked. However, as of now, it is not yet confirmed for the scope of the version 7.1. I will verify, whether it´s still doable.
  12. Hi @Slawek Zarod some of the settings are not applicable for server products, as there is no such functionality in our server products. Some of them which are available on the client, and are not seen in the settings on the console are related to the asynchronous configuration engine module release procedure. We are aware of those issues, and will work on addressing them both in the form of another CE module release, and also in bigger process changes.
  13. Just try again. There was no ticket created, as you have approached us via forum. Regards, Michal
  14. Hello, I have been informed that it should work. You applied "reset license key", and one internal procedure failed to generate "deployment tokens". We will fix the procedure permanently in next week to prevent this issue from happening in the future. Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Your agents are not communicating with the server. I would attempt to troubleshoot whether the server is not overloaded, or if the agents actually do see the server. If the agent does not "accept the task", it remains in the state "planned".
  16. You are running a version of ERA server, which is almost 5 years old, and is not even supported for direct upgrades for the newest version. The best suggestion I would have is to attempt to rebuild your environment, for the ESMC V7, which is much more robust, stable and improved. For the license itself, the PLID XXX-XXX-XXX and the public IP address for your computer will be required. I would recommend to contact your local customer care, that should file a ticket for you.
  17. @pps that is not a correct statement. regardless what is the ERA version, if your configuration module update is updated, you can connect and manage also Endpoints v 7.1. There is forward compatibility. Your setup might result in those errors. As the logic is, that the first profile tries, then fails (triggers message) and then uses the second profile.
  18. How are your updates configured? Theoretically this happens in case, when the Endpoint client is unable to communicate with the update server (it´s set to update from Mirror, or it is trying to communicate via proxy, with "fallback" disabled). This error will be written to log, if you want to suppress the interactive notification (valid for V7):
  19. It looks to me, by the size of the "computer name column", that there is actually no Endpoint Security product installed, and only the agent. This is how it should look like. The little screen icon shows that you have a product installed. If you apply a filter, and set the value to "no product" ,it should return you an empty screen. If it does not, you will have to install ESET Endpoint Security via the software install task.
  20. Thank you for the idea. I agree, it might be beneficial. I will discuss it with relevant people.
  21. This is done intentionally. As if you would study the policies management, you would know, that dynamic groups are evaluated in the order. Please check this: https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/dashboard.html?admin_pol_ordering_groups.html
  22. Alternatively, you might ship us with your server tracelog, and someone with better experience like @MartinK might be able to give you an idea about what´s wrong with your setup.
  23. After a short brainstorm with colleagues about this, this would be our recommended approach: Install ESET Management Agent using GPO / SCCM Install ESET Endpoint Security (or Antivirus) using GPO / SCCM (product will be installed with default settings, silently) Automate the product activation by using the "not activated" dynamic group, with a product activation task set for both "joined dynamic group trigger", but for sure also a "scheduled trigger" to set for every few hours, without expiration (so even if for whatever reason the first activation fails, it will re-try). You can download the .msi installation package from eset webpage here: https://www.eset.com/int/business/endpoint-security-windows/download/
  24. Hello. You are indeed correct. We will enable the option to protect the native Administrator account with 2FA in the version 7.1. As of now, the only recommended approach is to set a strong password, and keep it as "backup" restore password.
  25. @Entropy From the security point of view no. However ESMC 7.0 brings a lot of additional value, information and automation functionality that would make it beneficial to upgrade at least the server to 7.0. Agents could remain on older versions, and they are compatible with the latest Endpoints (for Windows). Newly released applications like V7 programs for Linux / Mac, will however require V7 agent for sure. Is there any particular reason why you want to stick with the older ERA version? Also, which versions of security products you are running in your company?
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