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    Agathon gave kudos to itman in hshipmenttracker.co/   
    I will also add this situation needs to be addressed immediately since this "puppy" is not serving up adware and the like. But rather ransomware. Also based on the Joe Sandbox analysis screen shots, the web site involved is phishing the user into thinking he is actually uninstalling a browser extension whereas the reverse is actually happening.
    Refer to this article I posted a while back: https://forum.eset.com/topic/22398-pirated-software-is-all-fun-and-games-until-your-data’s-stolen/ .
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    Agathon gave kudos to Nightowl in Using eset authentication server (with eset firewall as default)   
    Unfortunately there is no courses for ESET as far as I know
    But your ideal way for this is to install one of the either , ESS or EIS , you can firewall your RDP port which is TCP port 3389 to your IP Addresses so that will rest your mind that only yourself can connect
    but probably your provider has some built in firewall in your c-panel which can help you protect your VS
    If you can create Virtual Machines like in Google Cloud , it's fun to try OPNSENSE if you like to make some projects.
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