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  1. Yeah, list programmes according to date of installation and look for the ones you don't recognise that roughly correlate with when malicious activity began then use steps above
  2. I'm using it right now and I can say, empirically, it works fairly well as an adblocker, but I have never noticed the glaring... anti-adblocker popups on any site - so it might not be as robust if based purely on "full spectrum" ad blocking ability and more about blocking higer risk ads only. I've installed a free add-on in the past - adblock but stopped almost immediately when I felt the permissions they were asking for seemed suspiciously unnecessary. Not to mention the heap of files and directories left behind by parent company so called betafish. Thought on a mac uninstallation would be nice and neat :-s
  3. I use Cybersec as part of my NordVPN subscription. It comes as a browser add-on or the desktop plugin
  4. I'm not a member of any other forum that caters to a great extent, to cybersecurity professionals. So I was just wondeirng what the take on such companies is here. I'm guessing a lot of people have heard of the kind of companies i'm talking about - luminati, oxylabs, squid proxys etc I'm not involved in the field but from what i've heard, apparently the general methodologies involve mass port scanning and 'cracking', as opposed to hacking, to obtain private residential IPs amongst others. Now i'm not sure what the line between 'cracking' and hacking is in this case but the legalities is going to be a real grey area right? Do they have like hundred legal loopholes to work with here because it seems they're trading on really shaky grounds to me. Just wondeirng what your two cents are?
  5. Sounds like an ideal soultion! I'm not a network/IT admin so i'm not thoroughly attuned to the subject. Not nearly. But my Admin guy is and he recommended eset through and through. I'm here to learn more of the subject, get advice and help (where I can). Many thanks for all the input here. I shall begin reading through the knowledge base properly starting with smart security premium. If there was something like an eset endorsed or official cybersecurity course, I would totally sit that
  6. That sounds like TERRIBLE news. I had nothing to do with the CCTV or its set up but it's practically obsolete but no one ever bothered deactivating it. It didn't function properly (never allowed us to record to the disk etc) even the guy who fitted them (some electrician) couldn't figure out what was up with it and why it wouldn't record. But if this is the case, I may aswell toss it into the garbage literally, since i'm not a professional admin I wouldn't really know where to begin to test to see what's actually going on under the hood. Thank you for the insightful shares.
  7. I was looking into my router's properties under network infrastructure. Under there I have two services running that internet user can access. One of them is whatsapp, the other is something called XJUANDVR, running through TCP to port 60001 (external) and port 80 (internal). I reverse searched the IP address of the hosts running this service and there are a whole bunch of strange sites with zero ICANN hosting data (not even privacy protection). I tried to deleting it but can't remove it. It keeps coming back. Any idea what it might be? Should I include a firewall rule to block this IP? It might be problematic if I block all communication on those ports, right?
  8. Oh I see 😔 So those are strictly for server side use? I was just looking for away to protect my RDPs (try to prevent them from getting hacked) when connecting to a VPS and thought I would try it out locally first.
  9. Hi, I am talking about this: --- The ESET Authentication server provides your network with an additional layer of protection by requiring remote users to authenticate through a server you configure before accessing the network. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this article to download, install and configure the ESET Authentication Server... https://support.eset.com/en/kb2501-what-is-the-eset-authentication-server-and-how-do-i-install-and-configure-it --- It says one here that once installed the application will automatically pre-configure windows defender firewall exceptions, which is disabled on my device. I found this also: --- Firewall exceptions Windows Firewall exceptions essential for the proper function of ESET Secure Authentication will be added automatically as part of installation. If you use a different firewall, the following exceptions must be defined in that firewall manually: Exception Name: ESET Secure Authentication Core Service Scope: Any Protocol: TCP Local Port: 8000 Remote Ports: All Exception Name: ESET Secure Authentication API Scope: Any Protocol: TCP Local Port: 8001 Remote Ports: All Exception Name: ESET Secure Authentication RADIUS Service Scope: Any Protocol: UDP Local Port: 1812 Remote Ports: All Exception Name: ESET Secure Authentication RADIUS Service (Alternative Port) Scope: Any Protocol: UDP Local Port: 1645 Remote Ports: All --- Problem is, I just don't know how to actually find a way implement this on the firewall. Any ideas would be really appreciated!
  10. Instead of windows defender. I have wd firewall deactivated, I have managed to activate the server (I have generated the keys and now just need to press 'ok'). However I am a little uncertain of how to make the necessary firewall exceptions to ensure I've made the necessary substitutions. Is there a guid or something that can take step by step through the using eset access server with it's own brand of firewall (smart security premium user). Thanks
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