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  1. Sorry, Marcos. See if the attached is what I need. Thanks! customer_info.zip
  2. I am unable to download the Log Collector
  3. Hi again, Marcos. My MAC tells me I have no way to open 'SQL command file. Do you mean customer care at Apple or ESET
  4. Hi Marcos, Thanks for attempting help me solve this. My new system is macOS Catalina, version 10.15.3 When i get to step # 3, fig. 2-3, "System software from developer "ESET, spot,s r. o." was blocked from loading" does not appear on the screen. Is there something else I need to be doing? Thanks again, delaware
  5. My MacBook Pro recently updated the operating system and I received Security risk alert. The instructions said to ‘Open System Preferences and allow apps from ESET, spoil.sr.o. To load extensions’. when opening System Preferences, I do not find the option to do that. Can someone point me in the correct direction, please. I cannot use my laptop until it is once again secure. thanks deleware
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