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  1. Case #497653 - "hips log" has been created for you. edit: I Pm'ed you it
  2. Smart mode but I took screenshots to make it easier for ya.. thanks for replying! 🙂 also I have Malwarebytes running. ESET only better? Is it true it be best to just use web protection for Malwarebytes and turn ransomware, exploit etc. off on it? I see ESET blocking Malwarebytes related. ill attach log here. smart mode btw not automatic. I don't see any rules/ exclusions & don't believe I ever added/ removed any. Is web protection ok for malwarebyes? It seems to be really good with web browsing part lol. & as I said i ran sysrescue live. Nothing found. oh, and why turn of
  3. Guessing this is the ones popping up I checked log. A lot of stuff for hips but I believe these are related?? btw to add besides image below.. When i did ESET SYS rescue scan last night off usb.... during the start of scan after few minutes it crashed my computer. Computer kept running but screens shut off. I did a hard reset 3 times in a row and then finally was able to do a full scan with sysrescue live boot
  4. I switched to windows 10 insider beta channel from regular release preview channel & now I'm on windows 10 pro pre-release 210216-1530 Since then HIPS twice now in last 2 days randomly pops up saying "hips.. registry access " .. to something in authentication. never had this come up until windows upgraded to pre-lease beta. Whats consecutive switch count registry? hips using smart scan setting in eset if that matters? Wanna provide as much info I can think can help get answers. I did a eset Sysrescue scan last night off a usb with up-to-date eset signature database & scan
  5. went out last night.. just got home next day just now... eset home security premium detected a local/ tmp NSA nsw.tmp virus.. i cant find anything about it on google! HELP! what is this??? ill attach pic.. says its some service malwarebytes tried to access.. says it all in image. there still on pc some of the tmp files... .. diff ones with ns starting with that are in tmp folder,... ill add those too.. to attachments is this some government virus? my father does work for Department of defense... wondering if they hacked / are spying on me since we share same wifi etc as his governm
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