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  1. Issue solved - thanks to the ESET Technical support team. https://dontkillmyapp.com/xiaomi Topic can be closed.
  2. 1. Yes. Yes. 2. No. I have opened a support ticket. I have another smartphone from Xiaomi (Redmi 4A) and there is the same issue. I suppose that the issue is MIUI related (lack of full compatibility between ESET and MIUI).
  3. I'am using Xiaomi Mi Note 2 smartphone (MIUI 11.0.2). ESET Mobile Security reports lack of secured browsers (browsers are not secured). If I go to the settings menu, there is ESET Mobile Security service enabled. I must disable this service and reenable it. After this operation antiphishing works well. But after few hours/days ESET Mobile Security reports again "browsers are not secured". So I must disable and renable ESET Mobile Security service again. And again, and again. How to fix this issue?
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