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  1. As of Wednesday, EA has corrected the problem. I did not make any changes to my eset console excluding pogo as recommended when I submitted my elog collector to technical support. Instead after contacting EA I decided to wait it out. Sure enough, EA tech finally came through and maintenance night got the malware removed from the site. I posted this news in the pogo forums. I wanted to make sure everyone here was aware of the change. Thank you Marcos for your excellent advice and direction. cam
  2. Okay, now I am really confused and I do not know what to do. I certainly do not what to open the contents of my hard drive to this malware just to play pogo.
  3. Currently you have 2 options: 1, Exclude the detection on any website. The detection covers a specific obfuscation so it may be triggered on legitimate (e.g. ad-enabled) websites. 2, Add the hostname or the whole or partial url to the list of websites excluded from content filtering. However, there's a risk that other possible malware on the excluded url would not be detected if the website is not 100% trusted.
  4. I have played club pogo since 2001. This is a new problem for me. Yesterday I could access most of the games but Tri-peaks, First class solitaire, and canasta when I tried to load them, I would only get a blue screen. I found out on the EA site that everyone that had this problem also had eset anti virus protection. I looked at my log file and sure enough there it was. It only started yesterday but is continuing today. I am up for renewal with club pogo so I need to know if this is a major problem. Can you advise? thank you cam eset log.txt
  5. I hope so. I do not use edge for banking but chrome would be great. thanks
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