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  1. We have updated to version 7 now and have the old version automatically removed by the installation package. We could not confirm this information anymore if it was enabled or not. As to stay safe and not vulnerable to attacks update like this are best not configured but informed. High risk is involved when not updated. Having this needed to be configured and disabled by default loses it's main purpose of staying protected and safe.
  2. Then that might be a bug as well. There were no notification visible neither on the taskbar or when ESET is being updated for Database Signatures.
  3. It would be better if we get notified that there is a newer version. So we could stay up to date not just on the Virus Database. Email perhaps or an Exclamation mark on the icon stating there is newer version available,🙂
  4. Just few days ago we encountered problems with our HIPS and seems to be not working properly. As we checked it if it was enabled we saw some Chinese text below it and ESET can no longer function properly. I provided screenshot below of the actual window.
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