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  1. @carmik you can try a complete uninstall in save mode with the eset uninstaller. then install again and get into the settings. on my pc, nod32 was working for ~10min after reinstalling. @Marcos i work as IT Technican so im really interested why nod32 kills all programs and prevent it to start, when nod32 is crashed. the command line needs minutes to start and i just can send a ping to a host, but all other programs are offline. this would be very interesting for me.
  2. is this really a problem with the license? when i re-new my license and install it again, can i work with it ,without changing the date? did my dump files help to solve the problem? or should i wait for the the next build?
  3. I found DMP Files in C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\CrashDumps which refers to ekrn.exe - if this files can help i can send you.
  4. Hi! Yesterday i had the same problem. My License will expire in 13days. the icon was also changing every few seconds. if i open the Gui, it closes instantly.. after a few trys the icon was dead.. i can't click on it any more. Seconds later my PC was complete offline. i also cannot start any system programs or do a reboot. i hit the reset button. i logged back into windows, and jumped into the systemsettings as fast as i can and uninstall NOD32. Afterwards all programs works perfect. i tried again to install NOD32 (with live installer). NOD32 did an update and make his first PC S
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