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  1. @glitch, you want me to do this for over 200 machines? that simply is not going to work.
  2. @Marcosi just tried installing the latest version through our admin console for our affected versions on 1 machine as a test, but because this bug has practically disabled the anti virus software from functioning, it was unable to install version 7.2 as it stated the program was installed, but not running but i can clearly see it running on the machine in question. is there a workaround for this or should we just wait for this "ultimate version" to come into effect?
  3. @Marcos im currently on version 6.5.2094.0 and currently over 200 pcs are having issues with this bug, do you have a patch for this version that will resolve all the machines?? it isnt letting me uninsall the eset software as well. ps. iv already tried the patches available and they do not work.
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