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  1. And the other 6.5 versions? @Marcos NIce to hear the v5 is fixed... but al our server with the 6.5 versions are still not working...... It is almost one week now...... maybe i am wrong but in my work when i tell clients to wait a week for a fix..... the guillotine will be put in place to cut off my head... Where can we send the bill, all the extra off hours we have to put in to change the date/reboot/remove the piece of malware or upgrade it??
  2. I guess the version that all people are asking for 6.5.12010.0 and
  3. Just run procmon to see what the certfix does... I can see it puts em.exe (eset command line scanner) in a %temp% folder..... I copied that file and the dat file. Comparing the em.exe with the one in the eset file security folder (ecls.exe) i can see the command line scanner version is from 5.0... The version in the program files folder is 6.5.... So i can believe the reason why this fix craches on 6.5 versions of eset
  4. I can be wrong but that password is not listed there? I tried it on 2012/2016 and 2019 servers with version 6.5.12014.0
  5. Just wondering, i can download this file: But whats the password? Or is this version 2. the same as running this powershell line: powershell -command "& {(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('hxxp://help.eset.com/eset_tools/CertFix.exe', '%temp%\CertFix.exe');(Start-process '%temp%\CertFix.exe' -NoNewWindow)}" > C:\CertFix.lo
  6. Still no fix for of versions...... for windows servers
  7. Really soon? about 9 hours ago... Please finish the fix for the other 6.5 versions..
  8. I am hoping eset will push the update/fix for the other versions soon: 6.5.12014.0 It is ridiculous you can not uninstall / upgrade or do anything with it... it looks like a nice piece of malware...
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