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  1. Description: - Tag management page / menu Detail: - It would be great to have a page dedicated to managing tags. This would include the options to Create*, Rename and Delete customised tags. Also it would be very useful to see all objects linked with a given tag if possible. * I'm aware that you can create tags by clicking on a computer, clicking on Tags and typing the name of a tag which doesn't exist. This option should be kept as well as implementing the above. Description: - Duplicate entire static/dynamic tree Detail: - I'd love the ability duplicate a static group along with its child static and dynamic groups. There could be a prompt to keep or strip the dynamic groups templates in the duplicate. Obviously, the top duplicated static group would need to be renamed as part of the process and any non-group objects within would not be copied - Very useful for multi tenant (msp) set ups where a new tenant is being onboarded
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