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    Scotch received kudos from Mirek S. in This really shouldn't be difficult, but it is   
    It would be so much simpler if Eset would just ask questions before you buy. Nothing crazy, just ask about OS, how many devices, what level of protection, etc. That way, buyers wouldn't do something stupid, like buy the wrong software. *ahem* The irony to me is that the experience I've had resembles how Microsoft makes simple things like finding information on correcting problems -- or even sometimes products you want to buy (!) -- difficult because they put the information somewhere stupid, and/or forgot to tell the user where to find it. Yet, my experience with Eset's Windows and Android products over the better part of a decade has been completely drama-free.

    Thank you, by the way.
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    Where the confusion kicks in on Eset licensing options is they offer a multi-device license option: https://www.eset.com/us/home/multi-device-security/ . This license allows you to install Eset on any device where a supported product version exists.
    To add to the confusion depending on where you reside, Eset marketing in that country might offer a multiple pack option; usually up to 5 devices. So the result is a multi-device and multi-license subscription which allows any Eset product to be installed on up to 5 supported devices. The key to keeping all this straight is that Eset products have built-in restrictions; e.g. NOD32 has an option for Windows and Linux. The other Eset desktop products only support Windows. And obviously, the Eset mobile version is for Smart phones. 
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    Buy through your browser , not the software , you may or may not receive a username among the cd-key , if you only received a cd-key , you will need to convert it to username and password , an ESET staff can help you with this
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    We have recently discovered a problem sending customer care requests from the built-in form in ESET NOD32 for Linux desktop. I would recommend contacting ESET LLL via the web form or phone. We are working on a resolution to make the internal form work.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
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