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  1. I tried that. Perhaps I did something wrong, but if I remember correctly, NOD32 asks for a Username and Password, and Internet Security asks for Username and License Key. Anyway, I paid for an extra module to be added, and since I couldn't use it, I wanted that credit back.
  2. Update: I finally found the time during Eset's business hours to request a refund, which they did. I bought a NOD32 license, instead of the Internet Security (which my order for NOD32 became after I added some kind of module Eset recommended), and all is well. Thank you for your help!
  3. It would be so much simpler if Eset would just ask questions before you buy. Nothing crazy, just ask about OS, how many devices, what level of protection, etc. That way, buyers wouldn't do something stupid, like buy the wrong software. *ahem* The irony to me is that the experience I've had resembles how Microsoft makes simple things like finding information on correcting problems -- or even sometimes products you want to buy (!) -- difficult because they put the information somewhere stupid, and/or forgot to tell the user where to find it. Yet, my experience with Eset's Windows and Android products over the better part of a decade has been completely drama-free. Thank you, by the way.
  4. I am in the US, and you're right that the link works just as you say. Of course, I have yet to access that link from within the site, only from an external link, like Google, or the one you added. Correction: I just found a link almost all the way down at the bottom of the home page - it's a Tux logo. But down at the very bottom of the page, there are links for other OSes (Win/Mac/Android), but no mention of Linux. It's like they either don't care, or don't want you to find it while looking around the site. I guess one has to be pretty careful that they are purchasing NOD32 for Linux, not for Windows - same name, but apparently a different license... but not really because they say the "License can be transferred to Windows or macOS operating systems." Maybe it's an IQ test, and I failed. Silly me, I just wanted some protection for my computer.
  5. That's what I thought, too, but they show it like this - NOD32 is on the far right: It appears that they are saying all three versions protect Linux. If it isn't saying that, it isn't clear at all. Nevertheless, I ordered NOD32, then added what I thought was a module for password security, not a whole different software version. This is not made clear on the purchase page. All of that would have been eliminated if Eset asked which OS I'm using first. It looks like I'll be contacting customer support for a partial refund and a new license. That it didn't work in that way is why I'm here. It installed fine, but didn't allow me to purchase through the app. Perhaps that issue is related to the problem with getting help directly through the app. I have purchased the Windows version in the past, but never the Linux. It seems like the Linux experience is half-baked, especially when the links from the software send you to the help page for Windows, and Linux information is sort of shoved back in the corners of the website, so to speak.
  6. OK, so I bought the software through the website. When I go to add my username and password, all I'm given is a username and license key. Even though the shopping page where the buyer gets to choose their software option shows that ALL THREE (NOD32, Internet Security and Smart Security Premium) offer Linux support, and I did add NOD32, did adding password protection push me up to Internet Security, and therefore out of NOD32 and Linux software? It certainly looks that way. When I clicked the link to download my new software, it took me to the Windows software. This is ridiculous. Thank you both.
  7. Hi Nightowl, I uninstalled/reinstalled to try just that, but the purchase option isn't working. The second time I tried to purchase, it seems like nothing happened. I could try it *again*, I guess. Thank you.
  8. Hi Marcos, I sent a message to Peter Randziak here on the forums, but it appears he hasn't been logged on since then. I have no idea where the messages I sent from the app itself went, however. I have not received a confirmation e-mail from either time I sent my request. Thank you for your time.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to purchase a license, that's all. I sent the below to Customer Service, but if it goes like the last time I sent a request, I imagine that I'll hear nothing from them. Thank you for your time. "There is no provision for me to purchase" "There is no place anywhere for me to purchase a license, and the links you provide for help are for Windows machines. Awesome. My software hasn't updated since January because I don't have a license, and the update number is from 2019 anyway. At the beginning of the month I sent a message to an admin in your forum who was offering to help users with similar problems, but they still haven't replied. About a week ago, I sent a message to Customer Care (just like this one), and still have not received a reply. I have been a loyal customer of Eset since 2009, but my patience is being tested here. I am trying to pay for a license, please help." system = Linux distribution = 5.3.0-28-generic architecture = 64-bit kernel = #30~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 17 06:14:09 UTC 2020 processor = Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1017U @ 1.60GHz (1596 MHz) memory = 7842 MB
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