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  1. SweX, Thanks for chiming in. If I follow your instructions and remove my version 5 and then install version 7, will I be able to import my settings into version 7 if I export the settings from version 5 before running the uninstaller? Thanks. - Dan
  2. I am hoping someone can help me get my ESET Smart Security upgraded from the current version I am running, which is, to the current version which is 7.0.302.26. I currently am running Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit edition. I have tried upgrading to version 6 when that came out but ran into issues. I attempted the upgrade by going into Smart Security GUI, selecting Update and then selecting Check next to Available version of ESET Smart Security. This showed me version 6 and when I selected the install option, it downloaded the upgrade, removed my current version and then only partially installed the new version. Upon reboot, ESET was not shown as an installed product under Control Panel - Programs and Features and the program threw up an error message about not being installed properly. I tried a few times but could not get it installed so I used System Restore to get back to square one with working properly. Today, I decided to try and upgrade to version 7 using the above steps and again, the software downloaded, removed my old version and after about 10-15 minutes the last dialog seemed to roll back its progress and stated I needed to reboot in order for the installation to run again. I rebooted but never witnessed an installation of ESET. Instead, after so far in the boot process, a window popped up asking me to validate my copy of ESET. I put in my valid and current username and password and after a few moments, declared it could not activate the product. When I checked in Programs and Features, again ESET was not listed as being installed. So, I again had to use System Restore to get back to my working version of Can someone shed some light on how I can go about getting by copy upgraded to the most current version without the issues I have been running into above. If I need to completely uninstall the version and reboot before attempting to install the 7.0.302 version, can someone shed some light on if I need to be doing something special to make sure it is completely reomoved or if just running the uninstall program for ESET is all that is needed. Any and all help and comments greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Dan
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