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  1. Perhaps because we have a different product ? I have the "Eset Cyber Security" all is set to auto and I have 6.8.300.0. Did Eset manually give you access to that 6.8.633.0 build ?
  2. qu4q, Can you let us know what your version number is ? I have 6.8.300.0 which should be latest public.
  3. Still happening to me. Any update from the tickets that have been opened @Marcos ?
  4. I tried with and without it. Please note I have run the EXACT same config for over 5 years...so it's not like I changed anything that hadn't been there before. I have distilled it down to: When "Enable HTTP protocol Checking" is enabled the issue exists at random. When this option is DISABLE the issue no longer happens. Since this IS the option causing the issue I have left "Enable web access Antivirus and antispyware protection" ENABLED and the system runs perfectly.
  5. I haven't taken much notice of eset_proxy process, but after the last update ( currently running Version: 6.8.300.0 ) My web browsers will randomly stop working. They "hang" on "establishing secure connection". I have 443 added to the port list, but I've tried with and without it. When I DISABLE "Web access protection" everything comes back to life. When the issue occurs it blocks Safari, Chrome and Opera all are the latest versions. This started happening with Mojave, and I thought it could have been that so I updated to Catalina and the issue persists. I have no way of knowing what "Web Access Protection" is doing or "why" it's blocking as there is no realtime view or feedback into this module/option, but when it's disabled all works, and when 443 is not included in the list secure sites work. This has been working flawlessly since 2015 and I've been using ESET way longer than that. 1st time I've ever had an issue. I thought it was an OSX issue so have been bashing my head trying to research that angle, but I can say the issue only happens when "Web Access Protection" is turned on, and "something" happens and it starts to block. I'm going to re-install eset, I've turned logging on, I'm also going to try and disable "Enable HTTP protocol checking" until I have some feedback from ESET as it's impacting productivity. I've attached 2 files where I see some errors which don't look right.
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