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  1. Perhaps because we have a different product ? I have the "Eset Cyber Security" all is set to auto and I have 6.8.300.0. Did Eset manually give you access to that 6.8.633.0 build ?
  2. qu4q, Can you let us know what your version number is ? I have 6.8.300.0 which should be latest public.
  3. Still happening to me. Any update from the tickets that have been opened @Marcos ?
  4. I tried with and without it. Please note I have run the EXACT same config for over 5 years...so it's not like I changed anything that hadn't been there before. I have distilled it down to: When "Enable HTTP protocol Checking" is enabled the issue exists at random. When this option is DISABLE the issue no longer happens. Since this IS the option causing the issue I have left "Enable web access Antivirus and antispyware protection" ENABLED and the system runs perfectly.
  5. I haven't taken much notice of eset_proxy process, but after the last update ( currently running Version: 6.8.300.0 ) My web browsers will randomly stop working. They "hang" on "establishing secure connection". I have 443 added to the port list, but I've tried with and without it. When I DISABLE "Web access protection" everything comes back to life. When the issue occurs it blocks Safari, Chrome and Opera all are the latest versions. This started happening with Mojave, and I thought it could have been that so I updated to Catalina and the issue persists. I have no way of knowing
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