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  1. Hi. I have good news. Finally I restored the files has been quaratined. I did it from management center without any problem. I'dont know if this is the way, but it solved the problem. Thanks so much.
  2. Here's the log file. I hope it helps. It begins before I open quarantine option and ends when the message "Restore fail" appears. Thanks. Logfile.zip
  3. In any case the file was restored. I'm using Remote Administrator and I have some folder exclusions. But any other policies are configured. Thanks again.
  4. Yes, this product is endpoint 7 for business. I restore to an existing folder and I try to use "restore to.." option too. The first show a fail message, the other don't show any.
  5. Marcos, do that expose some sensitive data. Any alternative? Thanks
  6. Itman, thanks for reply. I tried with anothers sane files and the result is the same. Thanks
  7. Marcos, thanks for reply. I attach the log file with some filters (Windows processes, and others), If you need the whole file please send me and email to send it. Thanks
  8. Hello everybody, I'm new in the forum. The av is detecting some files as PUA and it send them to quarantine. The problem is when I try to restore them, the action fail. Details: _ I run the action as admin, so I have privileges. _ The action is performed with the same OS user account the av detect the PUA. _ The action is realized some minutes after the files are send to quarantine. _ I browse the quarantine directory and it has the files. _ Endpoint version: _ OS version: Windows 7 Professional Thanks in advance.
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