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  1. just my 2 cents on this First off I like ESET better than all the other A\V products I have used before and will continue to use them. So please take this as constructive criticism. Usually when talking to someone the problem is answered or dealt with excellently.....But my only complaint would be... I have needed to call ESET I believe 4 times to get some questions answered and immediately received a message that someone would call me within 1 business day. They did not. Ever. It has always required multiple calls to get someone to respond. As a network admin I need answers
  2. Hoping you can answer my licensing question. we purchased eset business edition 4 32 bit and are going to upgrade the pcs to win7 64 bit. when i go to download the new version do i download Version 4 or does my license cover us for version 7 64 bit edition?
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