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  1. Well, problem is that it is always using about that amount, so there is no "when", it is perpetual. I submit a support request so hopefully they will guide me further. I had assumed that if mine is performing like this, others will have (or had) the same issue.
  2. The Log Collector page you sent me to is for a downloadable app that requires you to reproduce the issue in order to generate the log. Since I do not know the issue, how am I supposed to recreate it?
  3. This can't possibly be right! Activity Monitor show ESET is consuming over 3GB of my Macbook Pro's RAM between the daemon file and the (I assume) parent application. See the screenshot. These two files are frequently at the top of the list using the most Memory of all apps running on my device. Is there something I can do about this?
  4. Local distributor? I purchased this through the ESET site. Is that where I'd create the ticket? Also, since reinstalling the software, so far (knock on wood) things seem more stable than before. I'll give it some time and see if the reinstall fixed the issue. Thanks for the help Marcos.
  5. @Marcos I finally got around to reinstalling the software after using the Uninstall tool. As a result I'm now able to get into the settings and provide the screenshots you requested (attached). Let me know if I missed any.
  6. If you're saying you work for ESET then you should probably change your title from "Administrator" to "Support", or something else that reflects that you actually work for the company. Or perhaps add a signature line that states you're with ESET support. Otherwise It's assumed you're a forum Administrator, which is different from a company employee under most forums. Your suggestion to choose Home or Work when the windows pop up is precisely what I've been doing all along that got me to this point. So what you're suggesting doesn't work - at least not when it comes to my originally issue noted under my original post regarding the iPhone.
  7. Hi @Marcos Thanks for the help, but as mentioned I cannot get into the main app because the pop-up windows loop will not allow it. No matter what options I choose under the Advance settings in the pop-up windows (see the screenshots in my previous posts), they keep reappearing and will not allow me into the actual app settings. Furthermore, due to the implementation of the suggestions at the link provided by @foneil (I do appreciate the help, don't get me wrong), which apparently resulted in the resetting of all of the network activity on my system, Skype and other apps that previously relied on outside network connections were failing to connect because the pop-up windows would not "listen" to my instructions. ESET, if you're listening, your software should not be this complicated, seriously! We should not have to create complex rules and zones, etc in order to accept in/out network traffic that we know and trust. There should be a simpler way of handling these reliably so that issues like these do not occur. I've actually uninstalled ESET and do not intend to reinstall it unless I hear of a rock solid way of fixing the looping pop-up windows issue AND advice on how to properly and painlessly set it up so that these issues don't return. As it stands I don't think ESET is giving much attention to Mac users based on my experience, and (frankly) the lack of attention to this thread by ESET staff (I assume they monitor it - if not, shame on them).
  8. Awesome, my Mac just crashed while trying to assign rules to the bazillion pop ups. This software is obviously not being properly tested, nor supported so I'll be uninstalling it now.
  9. Went through the steps at the link you provided and now I can't get out of the an endless "Inbound Traffic" loop between Chrome and an app I use called Cura (see screenshots). No matter what I choose, Allow or Deny, the windows just keep popping up. I force quit Eset and that didn't help. I can't get back into the Eset app in order to revert my changes. Now my Skype isn't connecting and God knows what else is now not connecting as a result. How do I undo this so I can completely uninstall this crappy app that I overpaid for?
  10. Hi Marcos. Thanks for replying! I've tried all of the things shown in the screenshots below when this alert pops up and nothing works. The alert STILL pops up whenever my iphone comes on. I believe I've chosen all possible combinations of options to save as rules, what am I missing?
  11. Hi! I've been having this issue for some time now and it's just plain annoying! Every time my iPhone turns on, even to simply display a notification, this alert pops up. No matter how many times I choose the "Remember action (create rule)" option you see in the screenshot, it still pops up when my iPhone turns on. Is this a bug, and if so when will it be fixed? I'm about to turn off ESET altogether (this happens at least 50 times each day)! If this is not a bug, what should I be doing differently? I'm running Cyber Security Pro on a Macbook Pro 2017 running OS V10.15.2.
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