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  1. A dialog form has popped up saying a new update is available. I click "Accept and Update Now" and the form disappears and the usual Windows for pops up asking for permission to do this. I click OK and it goes away, then the original update form pops up again and the cycle repeats, and I can't get it to stop. What's up?
  2. I suspected as much. I rebooted again and the account disappeared. Kinda spooky. A note from eset before they did that would have helped. Now it seems that most of the programs that run in teh background and can be found in the tray are missing. Some of them are important, too, like my Intel RAID utility, USB devices, more. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I just upgraded to eset smart security 7, and after rebooting I noticed an account called oglotodp. I rebooted because after signing up for the theft thing the "quick" test took so long and all other Internet activity halted. This account appears on the logon screenand of course in the Manage/Users. The accout is disabled. Is this some kind of secret eset account? It wasn't here a few days ago. Thanks, Mike
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