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  1. Thanks for the response Marcos. But I've already installed ECS from scratch and the same issue is occurring. I've also marked my home network as such(see attached screenshot), but the same issue persists. Earlier versions of ESET never had this issue, so I believe this goes beyond my settings and rules. As for contacting my local ESET distributor, I did that last week and I'm yet to hear back. It seems something changed in between ECS releases and it's possible the developers don't know about this. Could you raise an issue and escalate because as far as I can tell, I'm not the only one suffering with this and all remedies don't seem to work. Thanks.
  2. Could I get some assistance or pointers with this issue? Eset Support are yet to get back to me and I'm stuck with a product that won't work as it's supposed to. It would be nice if I got some idea of what exactly the problem is and why it's happening. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the response but I think this goes beyond creating rules. The default firewall option used to work without hiccups even when the ports change, the question is why is n't it working now on Mac OS Catalina?
  4. Greetings, I'm having a similar issue where multiple rules are being created but Eset Cyber Security Pro's firewall keeps blocking internet connection until I create a new rule. I've had to switch to interactive firewall mode because the default setting blocks all connections and does n't give any warning in the interface. I have had to confirm and approve every outgoing connection for each application regardless of whether I’d done that before. I've attached a picture of some of the many rules I have on my installation. Could I get some assistance or pointers on this? I'm on MacOS Catalina and using Eset 6.8.300.0 Thank you.
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