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  1. Hi, I've finally done an upgrade to ESMC and did the ESMCAgentInstaller sudo command and it worked, it's finally in my ERA! Thanks a lot, Martin!
  2. @MartinK Hey, I put the log for the sudo command in the attachments, hope you understand what's going on. Yeah, that makes sense. I would like the script to be working before I go through with the upgrade and have it still not work haha, I hope the next message I send you will be from the ESMC future, for now I'm still in the past ;). Error log sudo command.txt
  3. Hey Martin, we're looking for the right time to upgrade ESET. Though before that I gave the upgrade a second try with the command you gave me, I put it in the attachments. Hope you get to take a look at it, I put in everything just to be sure i don't miss any information.
  4. @MartinK apologies for the late reply, thanks for the command. However, after I posted this thread I wasn't aware of the fact that 6.4 wasn't being supported with macOS 10.15 Catalina so I guess I know what the problem is, I should probably be looking at a migration to the most recent version before I even try anything else . Thanks for the help, do you think the error is related to the fact that it isn't being supported anymore?
  5. Hello, To say i'm inexperienced at this would be an understatement, I've been trying to deploy the Eset Remote Administrator Agent to the MAC but it keeps giving me an error, I have no idea what it means. This is my first time using a MAC (took me fifteen minutes to get to the terminal) so I'm sure it's obvious to some, hope you could help me. I'm using Eset Endpoint Security 7.2 and Remote Administrator Agent 6.4. If you need any more information just let me know!
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