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  1. Thank you very much Itman and BeanSlappers for your kind attention and help Snooping through all the configurations of the router I found as you said there is a rule of the one configured for WAN with this name: (Emcali admon) and indeed this rule is the one that has the port 443 open, it bothers me enough to see this and when I call my ISP EMCALI The only thing they told me is that this rule is to be checking the state of the router (it gives a little laugh at the pious support that my ISP has given me 😂) and to complete my "happiness" I tried to eliminate that rule but it returns to
  2. hello BeanSlappers thanks for your reply I have never gotten to use port forwarding the main router I use it for everyday tasks like youtube facebook games etc already when I need to do something I use a second router for it although the results on this main router confuse me because I have never gotten to use it for other tasks besides the daily ones thank you very much for your attention
  3. hi itman thank you very much for answering Here I have translated what the captures say: Sensitive open network services: The router runs sensitive network services that others could exploit. This is due to a poor configuration or a compromised router. verify the router configuration or consult the advanced help in some cases only internet providers can manage the router configuration Port: 443 Service: TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, HTTP Internet reachable The second capture reads as follows: Network Services The router is running common network service
  4. hello cordial greeting Sorry if I have bad English, but I'm using a translator my doubt is the following: i was analyzing my router with the protection of the home network in eset internet security and the results i get is that the router is running insecure network services (port 443 service TLS 1.0 ,TLS 1.1 , TLS 1.2, HTTP and tcp). but what confuses me is that below are part of the same results saying that these services of the router are common so what should i do ignore this antivirus warning ? thank you very much for your attention
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