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  1. It has been resolved. Thank you.
  2. I tried accessing the internet and all https based sites got an invalid certificate warning. (MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_NOT_YET_VALID_ISSUER_CERTIFICATE in firefox or DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_DATE_INVALID in edge). Looking at the certificate, I found the following information. Common Name: www.google.com Issuer name: ESET SSL Filter CA. Valid: 12/20/2019, 2:13:44 PM - 3/13/2020, 2:13:44 PM (Central European Standard Time) [this includes the current date/time] Certificate Authority: No [Looks suspicious to me] About system time: My system clock is at 20 jan 2020, which is correct and in the time range. However, looking at the time of download of ESET, I noticed that it showed the date of tomorrow, for some weird reason. Still, this time was in the provided time range, so it shouldn't matter, right? (If it does, the problem should magically fix itself in the morning). About websites: There were a few websites I tried, including google and eset, just in case google mis-configured their certificates. Since that did not work, I disabled my HTTPS web scanning for now. I will re-check tomorrow, if the installation date had some influence on the https webshield. For now, I keep it disabled. Not the ideal situation but it resolves the issue, for now. Is there anything else I can do to fix it or to help provide extra information in order to fix the issue? Given this issue claimed potential other software and because my application is a reasonably fresh windows installation, I'll give an exhaustive list of applications installed on my computer: Windows 10 home with latest updates Keepass 2.44 Firefox (No plugins or addons) ESET NOD32 antivirus Visual studio 2019 (restart pending) IntelliJ IDEA Steam (No games) I literally installed no other software on my machine. There are programs on my D drive (still existing after a re-installation), but as far as windows is concerned, they are not installed. I have created a log archive and attached it. It can be that I accidentally cleared logs when I tried to convert them to text format. eav_logs.zip
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