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  1. After raising the email on this topic I uninstalled the AV app, downloaded the 6.8.300 file again from the ESET website and installed it again. Result.... ESET_proxy was now using between 0.1 and 0.4% of the CPU %. This has remained the same until today when I carried out a customer scan using the app's preset values...result ESET_proxy now back to using 197.1% of CPU and continues to be so even though I have stopped the scan. So...repeated the uninstall/install of the AV app as above, result...Eset_proxy now back to 0.1 and 0.4%. Does this shed any light on the source of the problem ?
  2. I also have this issue. My Mac uses OS 10.14.6 and ESET Cyber Security version 6.8.300. If I look at my activity log I see that under the CPU column Esets_Proxy is using > 195% of the CPU. The next file in the list uses approx 8%....I was wondering why my MAC seems to have slowed down recently and have issues with opening/closing Office app's, browsing , etc. Is there a fix for this issue please ? Kind regards
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