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  1. Hello. I upgraded my ESET and need a password to use it on Linux. Is there a way I can do it myself? My account only shows the license ID and key. Thanks. Also, Marcos, if you get this, I sent a PM on 05-13 and was gonna wait a week or so, but I saw someone else said they sent a PM and you had said you didn't get it or something. So, I thought I'd just mention it to you. Maybe something is wrong in the PM system.
  2. I have the same problem. I only got a license key. I need to have a username and password for Linux Ubuntu.
  3. added notify me of replies. ignore this message.
  4. I have a similar problem. I'm using Linux but the concept should still be the same and I'd love to understand what is going on. My Eset quarantines several files during a scan. I try to restore them and it says that the file already exists (in the original location) and fails or it prompts to overwrite the file already there and works but doesn't make sense. It just depends on the file as to which option it gives me. Any comments?
  5. AppArmor not in use. But I can say that the files in quarantine are in a Windows 10 ntfs folder, but I have access in FileManager (Deepin default file explorer).
  6. It worked fine on Windows 10. On Deepin 15.11, I just used sudo su to get root and then ran the .linux install file from the terminal and everything worked. I swore I did that the first time but it worked this time. Using sudo by itself wasn't working however. But now, my quarantine list shows that the files are still in their original locations. Why would that happen? I right click to select "ingore and add to exclusions" and it says failed, the file already exists. I go to the original folder and it is still there but shown in quarantine.
  7. I can choose the trial option and enter email and other registration information once it is installed, but it fails to register. A trial does not get activated and I do not receive an email. I have no firewall. Also, where is the Linux section? Thanks.
  8. Hello. I try to install Nod32 Antivirus on my Deepin 15.4 OS AMD 64-bit that is based on Debian. It's a fresh installation of Deepin. It installs and then prompts to enter account email and password or get the free trial. No matter what I select, it isn't going through. I never get an email with my password and updates say could not connect to registration/update database.
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